"Navigate your life with A New Compass for Wellness"

Dr. Ann Bell, DC.

A New Compass for Wellness

A wellness center helping people achieve empowerment, self trust, and body/mind integration through physical and quantum healing.

About Us

Located right off of the highway in Jackson, WI, A New Compass for Wellness is the premier choice for Holistic Healthcare. Through our various offerings, we help patients achieve health, wellness and wholeness in Mind, Body, and Soul.

Our Services


Dr. Ann is not your typical Chiropractor. Alongside the standard adjustments, Dr. Ann utilizes a menagerie of healing modalities such as Esogetic Color Puncture, percussor, cold laser therapy, crystals, and more, to heal the patient’s mind, body, and soul.

Quantum Light and Brain Activation

Through the collaborative work of gentle touch, light and crystals applied to the skin, and her 6-Pointed Breath and 3 Brain Activation System, client’s experience release of stress, traumas, and ancestral burdens while achieving the advancement of their potential for joy, empowerment, confidence, and peace.

Pain Management & Wellness

We offer an array of pain relief, wellness, and even weight loss services including, but not limited to, PEMF, Zerona Z6 Fat-Loss Laser, Nutritional Counseling, and BioMat.